Wanderlust: Dunton Hot Springs

I’m not the first person to point out how amazing this place looks, but I think it could bear repeating: this place looks amazing! There are twelve cabins strewn about an alpine valley near Telluride, remains of an old mining town. Everything has this rustic, rough-hewn look and yet it’s actually a five-star (and, I’m sorry to report, exorbitantly priced) resort. 

How wonderful would it be to go snowshoeing or horseback riding (or heli-skiing?!), followed by a soak in the hot springs under the stars? Cell-phone free, with a holistic spa, and award-winning meals served in the old saloon–sounds perfect to me! There’s a chapel, too, and the whole “town” can be reserved for up to 42 people–wedding party, anyone?

(Photos from Dunton Hot Springs Website)

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