The Fastest way to Slice Cherry Tomatoes


This year has been a banner one for California’s tomato growers, so we’ve been enjoying the, well, fruits as often as possible. My favorite tomato salads tend to be the simplest ones: just some salt and olive oil mixed with sliced tomatoes, and a serving of fresh corn and basil. Crusty bread and a side of ricotta are never a bad idea either.

Have you ever learned the trick for slicing a bunch of small tomatoes in one fell swoop? (Or, as Hudson would say, “in a flash”?) You just need two fairly flat plates or two plastic-container lids and a sharp knife to conquer what would otherwise be a slightly tedious job. Here’s a video, but the idea is that you place all of your tomatoes on one plate and then place the other on top. You run your knife through the gap, slicing as you go. In doing so, you’ll cut all of the tomaotes in half!

It works every time. (I do it with grapes for the kids, too.)

What are your favorite kitchen hacks? 

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