Jingle Jar: A Giving Tradition for Kids

Many of our holiday traditions are well-established, but every now and then, when someone tells me about a tradition she keeps in her house, I realize that we need to make room for something new.

The other day, over breakfast, a friend explained their “jingle jar” tradition, which she and her husband use to get the kids involved in charitable giving.

At the start of the month, the kids each get a jar for earning money, and a reminder of how their earnings work: Every time they do something good—it can be as small as “thank you for tying your shoes without my asking, that really helped us get out the door on time”—they might get a quarter in the jar. (My friend say she goes to the bank and buys rolls of coins before starting.)

I love this because not only do the kids earn praise for good deeds and behaviors, but the parents also get some extra practice in noticing the positive. I know I could use a reminder every now and then in saying “thank you for x” rather than “don’t do y.”

At some point in the month the family might also do a toy donation day, where every toy donated earns extra money in the jar, too.

The idea is to grow the pot as much as possible because, when the time comes, the parents match the earnings and the sum will be used as a charitable contribution.

You could choose any charitable organization that speaks to you. She suggested that Heifer International is a great one for the kids because the website is so interactive. With the animal donations, you can buy a flock of chicks for as little as $20 or an entire cow for $500—or you can send a girl to school for $275. There’s a large range of donation goals that translate in concrete ways for kids, but which also can open up a dialogue about what needs we all need met to live sustainably, if that’s your goal.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite ways to get kids involved in giving—particularly to those in need of extra help?

P.S. One simple gift-giving philosophy

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