In the glow of the Golden Gate Bridge (& Friday Links)

Any fun plans coming up? I feel like this is the Saturday on which every holiday event is scheduled. The second weekend in December is always packed! We’ve got a couple of parties we’re looking forward to, and I’m excited to surprise the kids on Saturday morning with the news of breakfast with Santa! We go to our local Odd Fellows Hall every year and it’s always a sweet event.

We took these photos in San Francisco last weekend. That view of that bridge just never gets old.

Have a good one!

A few links for the weekend…

Ruth Bancroft passed away at 109 years old.

Seven things to tell your children.

Net neutrality is lost (here’s how it affects you); what happens next. And and action you can still take.

Our friends went to a wedding with a Vodka Ice Luge. This could be a fun addition to New Year’s Eve.

Um, I want to go to Urban Dance Camp!

Ferdinand the Bull as allegory.

Do you think this really works? (Via Say Yes.)

So curious about these! (via A Cup of Jo)

I never realized I needed to bake a giant cinnamon roll, but I think I do.

Spotted these when I was looking at fancy dresses. They look so comfy!

That Kale salad is 10 years old! (via Taste)

The SNL “Welcome to Hell” skit is so good.

Related: Gender inequity. This isn’t just about sex.

Something beautiful to end on: The Waltz of the Snowflakes

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