Makings of a Thanksgiving Kids’ Table


Our kids are just getting to the age where it’s really fun to set them up at a kids’ table. In fact, sometimes they surprise us with how much better they do when we’re not right beside them—especially if there’s a fun activity to help keep their busy fingers… busy.

Makr reached out to see if I’d like to try one of their Thanksgiving table kits—they have this Kids’ Table Kit, as well as a Classic Thanksgiving and a very fun Friendsgiving Table Kit (that I might set aside for February Febgiving party)—and it sounded perfect: all the makings of a great kids’ table (with no extensive Pinterest searches for DIY table activities I’d likely waste precious cooking-time trying to set up the night before).

We had a few friends over to test it out and kick off this season of thanks. It was a big success…

Makr Kit

The Kids’ Table kit comes with:

  • 8 coloring placemats
  • 12 coloring coasters
  • 12 napkins
  • 20 stickers
  • 8 temporary tattoo sheets
  • 1 box of crayons

(*See below for a discount)



You could just open the box, set out the contents, do the ceremonial brushing of hands, and be happily done. It’s definitely cute enough!

I grabbed a few things I’d likely be using on an adult table—think: corn husks, turkey feathers, some fall leaves—and mixed in a couple with some snacks that wouldn’t ruin their appetite.



We poured sparkling apple cider—such a treat—and stepped aside. I could imagine timing this to a toast or to saying Grace all together, and then stepping away for a bit to finish up the dinner prep or to start passing the food. All too often I find the parents (us included) filling kids’ plates, hovering over to cut up portions to serve them, and then sitting down to start eating only to find that the kids are all already finished.

Instead, we spent a few minutes helping them to cute stickers and tattoos!




They easily spent 30 minutes (if not more) seated and coloring!


On the back of each placemat are prompts for drawing one’s own pilgrim portrait, favorite Thanksgiving food, and something she or he is thankful for.

Hudson chose to draw a cookie filled with “soooo many” chocolate chips. But when he tried to kiss one of his guests goodbye, I thought about how my box would be filled with these sweet kiddos and good friends.

Do you have a kids’ table at your Thanksgiving? What do you like to set out for them?

Thank you to Makr for sponsoring this post and letting us try out the Table Kit for our get together! Such a great idea. And my friend, who usually travels for the holiday, remarked that you could mail it ahead of you to your family’s home. If you’d like to order a kit, Makr is giving 20% off any kit order through November 11th with the code HITHER. 

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