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Whereas buying a tree tends to mean traveling to a favorite lot and strapping the tree to the top of the car for the drive home, most Manhattanites find their trees lining the sidewalks–usually within a few blocks of their homes they can chose from among bundles of evergreens. I could smell them before I could see them, as soon as I stepped out of our apartment.
Ashley and I are going to California for Christmas this year, so we decided to break my no Christmas preparations or celebrations before December 1st rule and buy a tree this weekend (so as to enjoy it longer). Fortunately, the tree vendors were ready. Half a block down the street, a Christmas tree vendor had set up and had just begun selling. Ashley and I spotted our tree and brought him up. We declared him the most perfectly shaped of our (now six) Christmas trees we’ve decorated together.

We found that hot apple cider with brandy makes the lights go up that much faster.

For the occasion, Ashley made an amazing soup of celery root and leeks finished with roasted chestnuts and braised Brussel sprouts.

We’ve cataloged each ornament to help us remember when and where we bought them (often on a trip). Our newest addition is a golden pomegranate.

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