Cookbook wishlist (and my BFF, Gwyneth)

Yep. That’s from Gwyneth. My BFF.

(Okay, not really.)

Last Fall, Gwyneth offered, by way of her site, to autograph copies of her latest cookbook—It’s All Good

—with an inscription of your choice when you pre-ordered a copy. Aron refers to the (often polarizing) actress as “your girlfriend” when speaking of her to me (I’m a fan), so I thought it would be hilarious to request the above inscription, wrap up the signed copy for myself, and stash it under the tree to open at Christmas.

And now, honestly, I’m really excited to start trying some of the recipes. Most avoid meat, dairy, and gluten—all things that are cornerstones of our diet around here, so that has nothing to do with the appeal: I just love the creative focus on incorporating more fresh, seasonal vegetables. It’s a beautiful book.

Have you cracked any inspiring new cookbooks lately? Here are some other beauties I’d like to pore over…

Cook AOC

The A.O.C. Cookbook

—Suzanne Goin opened A.O.C. on Third Avenue while Aron and I were living in Los Angeles and the small-plates restaurant quickly became our go-to for every special occasion. We went there the evening we got engaged, and we had dinner there the night after our wedding. Everything was delicious! Until now, we’ve gotten our Goin-fix by way of another favorite cookbook, her Sunday Suppers at Lucques
 (I’ve talked about it here)—so I am excited to see there’s now an A.O.C. cookbook!


CookIn Season

In Season

—I always enjoyed New York‘s In Season section of the magazine, and I stop in my tracks every time I come across this beautiful cover. Time to give it a closer look?

CookSalad for Dinner

Salad for Dinner

—Quite simply, a goal: More salads. More salads for dinner.


The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

—Another favorite restaurant of ours, Gramercy Tavern is consistently delicious. One of my favorite tasting menus was had there for my 30th birthday: it was a “vegetable tasting menu,” as in not-vegetarian, but rather a menu for meat-eaters who wanted to see vegetables given center stage. It was perfect!


Vegetable Literacy

—Not going to lie. The cover design of this one gets me every time. It’s just. so. beautiful. But it also gets high marks in reviews.

Do you cook from any of these? What’s on your list?

P.S. Our local Farmer’s Market (and the its very own The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook


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