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Moby Dick


While I tend to use Instagram in completely predictable ways (look at this cute kid!), some people are using the forum to showcase far more creative endeavors. Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi (aka Red) developed and photographed a new art piece to share each day of the month of March, using only food. When I first saw bits of the series on Handmade Charlotte, I think I may have gasped. She was interviewed about the project on DesignBoom and I found it fascinating to think about how this endeavor pushed her knife skills: “my ‘creativity with food’ series has helped me push the limits of my creativity, and has taught me to work within the confines of a very small area—my previous works range from 1 x 2 to 3 x 4 meters. I’ve learned to slice, dice, stir, boil…who would have thought I’d need that to do art!” It would be a fun challenge, wouldn’t it? To develop a project like this for a set period of time and see where your talent leads you?

I’m particularly fond of the squid and ink composition that evokes Moby Dick—made with just one material.

Here are some more favorites…




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[all images by Hong Yi (Red), via Colossal and DesignBoom]

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