In Season: Pomegranates

When Pomegranates start to appear at your local market (and recipes using Pomegranate juice begin to appear in your Pinterest feed), it’s handy to know how to seed them without making a big, staining-red mess.

The trick: Do it under water.

How to…

  1. Slice open the Pomegranate. I usually do this first step in the sink to keep from being splattered.
  2. Submerge it in a bowl of water and pry it apart. Work it over with your fingers, pulling out the seeds and the white membranes.
  3. All the white (inedible) parts will float to the top and the seeds (juicy and delicious) will sink to the bottom. Skim the water and throw away the white stuff!
  4. Dry, then store in the refrigerator (a couple of days at most).


Bonus: this makes for a fun (tactile, slightly tricky) preschooler activity!

P.S. A salad to use your seeds in. Fresh-squeezed Pom juice in Rome. And our local farmer’s market.

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