Scenes from Halloween


The candy has been eaten (or stashed), and the costumes have been put away—as if we might actually use them again. More likely, I’ll just look back at photos and fondly remember Skyler as a parrot on her first Halloween, and Hudson as a “baaaaad crocodile.”

He really didn’t remember the idea of trick-or-treating, but it was amazing how fast word spread once we arrived at a party full of preschoolers. “Mommy! When are we going trick-or-treating?”

I wasn’t watching closely at the first door as the gang of them (about a dozen) yelled “Trick-or-Treat!” But when Hudson came back to me, he showed me that his entire sack was already full. I looked back and spotted the unintentionally generous six-year-old who’d been standing with a bowl of candy. Whoops.


You may have seen on Instagram that Aron was Captain Hook (with his parrot and his foe, the crocodile) and I was Peter Pan, but I also shared an album of photos on Facebook. Check it out, if you’d like!

P.S. Baby costumes using a onesie. And this year, Making Skyler’s costume.

[Top photo mine; Bottom photo taken by Hudson!]

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