Pumpkin Pie Alternative (& Friday Links)

pumpkin delight

It finally rained here this week, and I wore a sweater for the first time in ages. I may take it as an excuse to start using the oven a bit more. Maybe some pumpkin-pie-alternative pumpkin delight? (Follow link for recipe.)

We have some fun plans this weekend—a birthday party and perhaps a day trip to the city. We’re also gearing up for Halloween, because we are away on another trip the week before. I still need to pull together a family costume

What are you going to be for halloween? I’ve been pinning some inspiration.

Some items for your weekend reading… 

Nothing particularly new in this article on helicopter parenting—except for the completely awesome, brilliant tidbit that it’s instead called “Curling” in Norway. Isn’t that the best phrase for it?! Picture parents frantically scrubbing the ice to make something roll across in a straight line. All of these minor corrections, for something that would happen anyway.

My favorite home tour (ok, it’s really just a kiddo art wall) in a long time.

I have been meaning to write about bedtime routines forever, but they change constantly! Really fun to read this one. (Is this typical for two kids sharing a bedroom? What do you do with multiple kids?)

So maybe you can’t get a new tub or new toilets, but there are some nice water-saving tips, here. We’re in the midst of a devastating drought out here. (P.S. Dry shampoo tips. Just sayin’.)

This account of feeding children made me smile at the familiarity.

I almost never buy makeup (except for this)—but this post actually sent me into a Nars store when I was in NY. Cutest lip model ever. (And makes me think I need to put on lipstick more often.)

Walking is what I miss most about New York. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit

and my steps/day count is pitiful. I appreciated this line: “We start walking outdoors to randomize our experience of the city, and then life comes in to randomize us.”

“Have one good idea? Keep doing that.” Good advice.

And this discussion about Facebook’s and Apple’s new benefit to female employees was fascinating. What do you think?

P.S. Skyler is all over the place. She’s crawling faster and faster. I hear her little hands slapping down the hall toward me and something it sounds like Hudson running! She’s also pulling herself to standing all over the place. She has four teeth (the top two just broke through). Incredible! Here’s a shot from the 8 month photos (more here).


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