Hudson stayed overnight with his grandparents on Saturday while Aron and I ran off to San Francisco for our very first weekend alone since he was born! We missed him, but we had such a great time! And we felt relieved knowing that he would be having a lot of fun without us. We were told he did ask about us occasionally, but I got the impression he asked about this guy even more. Hudson loves Sawyer so much. I think the first thing he asks about, nearly every morning is the “doh-ggy” or “suh-weeeeee” (Sawyer).

I’m looking forward to sharing some family photos this week: from our weekend in SF—as well as more Almond Blossoms and some scenes from last weekend’s Farmer’s Market (which included an unusual but long-runningDavis tradition).

Hope you had a great weekend. I’m so excited about the longer days!

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