Gem and Stone


I keep coming back to look at these gorgeous prints from Jenifer Altman’s recent book, Gem and Stone: Jewels of Earth, Sea, and Sky

. I think they’d look amazing hung in a pair, at large scale. I actually first came to find the print shop by way of her silk scarves, printed with the same images. Aren’t they incredible?

Gem and Stone

[Top images from Gem & Stone print shop; bottom images from Cisthene]

Here are a few other things I’ve been coming back to lately:

I’d really like to try these Dutch Baby Pancakes.

Brownstoner’s new Upstater column is well-timed considering the apparent exodus from Brooklyn.

I love the tunes options on this cute car pillow. I’d go with Blowin’ In the Wind.

This is a great option for a unisex diaper bag. (Here are some options I liked and the diaper bag I ended up choosing when I was pregnant. And what I carried in my diaper bag.)

Cool mom award.

Students at Columbia University are stealing Nutella! A lot of it! (But apparently less than the NY Times first reported.)

One of the New Yorker’s most-read articles last year was about Paul Haggis’ departure from the Church of Scientology. (It was crazy!) I’m going to read Lawrence Wright’s novel about the Scientology, Going Clear, for a book club. Has anyone read it?


And I’m also blogging about Travel for Babble! This week:
Meet the New Babble Travel Blogger
ErgoBaby Travel Collection: Best Yet?
Surviving an 11-hour layover in Seoul with a Toddler

Have a great weekend!

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