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Have you heard of soap nuts? I hadn’t.

I recently learned about an Artisan-box subscription service with a great cause, called GlobeIn—they curate “beautiful, distinct products that give global reach to remote artisans and farmers from around the world.” My first box—the laundry box—contained a beautiful Upcycled laundry bag from Cambodia, a palm-leaf basket from the Mixteca region of Mexico, a fair-trade cotton bag from India, wool dryer balls from the Altyn Kol Women’s Cooperative in Kyrgyzstan, and these soap nuts: fruit shells from the ritha tree in Nepal that release a natural detergent called saponin.

You can read all about the Artisan Laundry box and the way its products contribute to the livelihoods of their makers, here.

But I want to know who has tried using soap nuts before? (At first I thought they were nutmeg shells.) What do you think? From what I can tell, they’re used in places for washing hair, too.

The note in the box had a list of tips—like adding a dash of black pepper to brights to prevent color from bleeding! Also news to me.

So please spill: What other laundry secrets am I not yet privy to? 

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved

Interested in learning more about GlobeIn’s Artisan Boxes? You can subscribe for or buy individual boxes as gifts. And if you are interested in subscribing, you can get 25% off your first month’s box with the purchase of a 3-month or longer subscription with the code HITHER.

If you’d like to start a subscription with this specific box—the Laundry kit (with soap nuts!)—you have until this Wednesday, the 19th. Every month brings a new theme.

All Rights Reserved

This post is sponsored by GlobeIn. GlobeIn seeks out beautiful, well­made products and traces their origin to ensure that they are doing social good. They share those stories to take the burden out of buying better. Photos courtesy of GlobeIn.

P.S. The trick to using baskets to get organized. And our laundry room makeover.

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