Oahu-bound (& Friday links)


Hooray! We’re leaving for a week in Hawaii tomorrow! This will be my first time to the island of Oahu, so any and all tips are welcome. We’re going to spend the better part of the week at a resort on the Western side of the island with family, and then rent a car to explore a bit and drive up to the North Shore, where we’re renting an apartment for our last three nights.

This beautiful photo was taken by Kira Stackhouse from a hike called the Kaiwa Ridge or “Pillbox” Trail trail on the eastern side of the island and makes me so excited to get there!

I have some fun posts lined up for next week but, in the meantime, some things of note from around the web…

Did you know Molly Ringwald is an advice columnist? 


Moving (and helpful) advice on sending condolence cards.

My next-door neighbors are removing all the popcorn ceiling in their home, which basically requires moving out entirely—and then moving back in. Naturally, I loaned them my copy.

Bookmarking this amazing canoe trip for inspiration.

How to know if the ground is too hot to walk your dog.

Are you using the appropriate injection? “Ahh, yes, I understand now.”

Stephen Colbert debuts in his new role on my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

We’ll be bringing our underwater camera—which I get a lot of questions about—and they just came out with a new model that shoots in raw, if that’s of interest.

If you are using one in the water, I recommend getting a float strap—just in case.

And finally, remember those green pants in this sandal post? I’ve been wearing these to achieve a similar look.

[Photo by Kira Stackhouse]


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