For My Mother (of course)

Looking forward to celebrating mother’s day this weekend, along with my dad’s birthday and our wedding anniversary (7 years, no itch)! Here’s hoping it’s a great one, with lots of time spent out in the sunshine!

If you’re in the mood for some web browsing, however, here are some Friday links…

Healthy travel eats.
The ten best sentences. (My favorite made the list! “…something commensurate to his capacity for wonder.”)
new parenting website from James McCoy and Refinery29’s Katie Hintz-Zambrano.
I love this idea: an “experience journal” made for recording memories of special places.
A cancer doctor writes about losing his wife to cancer.
Living in 84 square feet.
I think I want to be that girl who wears a blazer. (Bought a cheap one to wear around Paris last spring and loved it.)
For those looking to add to a Northern California to-do list: a San Francisco newsstand that offers 200 varieties of chocolate in addition to the news, including one that tastes like “red coconut curry in a bar.”
Great for kids: DIY glow stick balloons.
A great quote for mothers who have daughters.
And a Mother’s Day Gift guide (that one or this one), in case you need last minute inspiration!

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