Where do you buy art online?


I just saw on A Cup of Jo that 20×200 has closed its (virtual) doors. We’ve ordered a few prints from there recently—including the Sharon Montrose Flamingo pictured—and I had half-a-dozen more saved away in a mental pile of consideration. I’d found it to be a great source of affordable art (particularly photography) and had been checking back over the past few weeks hoping that the “we’re taking a break”-notice was not going to become a permanent break. So disappointing!

Some paintings we’ve found at the Alameda Flea recently are my most-treasured purchases thus far, but what are your favorite online sources of art? Who are you noticing on Etsy lately? I’ve pinned a few favorites to my photography and eye candy boards, but am generally slow to commit.

P.S. Funny enough, Joanna mentions Banquet as an alternative to 20×200. I just hung their cacti print this past week! You can see it on my Instagram—a rare non-Hudson photo.

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