Haircut photos and celebrity inspiration


I’ve been carrying around the same magazine clipping for bang trims for years.


Literally. It’s from a March 2008 Harper’s Bazaar. Do you do that? Mine is in a plastic sleeve in a binder along with the makeup-lesson I got when we were planning our wedding. I better be careful or I’ll be on one of those talk-shows about women who never update their look. (Remember when Oprah had those episodes? There was always the woman who never cut her hair? I loved those.)

Anyway, I keep thinking I’m going to grow them out and then I get impatient and end up back in a chair with my magazine clipping. It happened again this week.


What celebrity haircut is in your plastic sleeve or on your pinboard? (I’ll be adding this one to my Beauty board, now that I’ve finally taken a photo!)

Have a great weekend and enjoy Easter if you’re celebrating! Here are a few links for your Friday…

I contributed my suggestion for a Non-Beach Spring Break destination on the Fodor’s Blog

How to make a baby. Ha! If only…

Yes, the Yellow Bentwood chairs are awesome, but man… those doors! 

One of my favorite sponsors, Pinhole Press, just expanded their wedding collection! I love the idea of reception wall decals (which would also be cool for a shower).

Speaking of weddings, this is such a great list of cost-cutting ideas. Anybody engaged right now?

Crewcuts Quiz in JCrew on film… how cute is the kid trying to pronounce Fuchsia? (Meanwhile, I struggle to spell it.)

Congratulations to fellow-blogger Amanda on a new kids’ collection of knits! 

Joanna just got back from a couples-only babymoon and featured some photos from our St. Lucia travelogue… which prompted me to re-read it and really recall just what a mental-adjustment it was to take that first trip with a baby. Yowza!

I just placed an order for Stickygrams! (Turn your instagrams into magnets.) Thinking of getting some? Use the code FRIENDL1BT for $2 off.

Oh, and P.S. If you see me in real life, go easy and please don’t actually compare my results to Helena Christensen. I’m only reaching for the haircut.

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