Off the market! Our new home.

Today is our closing date! We signed the papers and that 1964-Streng house in California is officially ours! I can’t believe it. I’ll have to take a lot more before photos when we move in this September in anticipation of sharing some good “afters.” We will practically be starting from scratch with furniture, so it’s going to be a big (but fun) task figuring out how to fill and personalize a whole home. There’s a pool–and a jacuzzi!–so maybe we’ll mull it all over while swimming laps! Ha!

I recently met Deborah Needleman (the founding editor of Domino Magazine) and so was inspired to pick up her new book

 at Anthroplogie. I love it so far and I’ve just begun. My favorite tip from the chapter I’ve finished is (roughly) that the best lighting will evoke candles. Seems simple, but it’s making me look at fixtures in a whole new… ahem… light. What are your favorite sources of inspiration for decorating/furnishing? I have a feeling there’s a lot of pinning in my immediate future.

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