Time for a good, old-fashioned love letter?

For a long time, Meri Meri made the only free ecards that I would use–their ecards actually looked like their paper goods. But when I wanted to send Ashley one last week, I found that the link had disappeared.
My overly long Google search brought up lots of alternatives–mostly very, very bad ones. A few noteworthy exceptions: wrongcards and someecards.
Ashley’s imprint actually publishes books of someecard postcards, but most are so snarky that I wouldn’t feel comfortable actually sending them (and even hemmed and hawed–and chuckled like a dirty old man–for far longer than I should admit about which examples were clean enough to share here). As an ecard, however, (for someone I know well) they’re perfect. 

Still, no replacements though for the sweeter Meri Meri… anyone have any suggestions?

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