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Yosemite Falls

Aron’s birthday is coming up and I still need to plan something special. For years we used to go to Yosemite to celebrate—and looking back over one of our travelogues from a fall visit made me miss it so much! It’s been far too long since we’ve been in that majestic valley. I’m not sure we can swing it, however. Time is tight with all of the kids’ activities—soccer and such. Plus, we’re supposed to play in a pickle-ball tournament on the Saturday… which should be interesting as I’ve never tried it!

This weekend we’re looking forward to attending the UC Davis Homecoming game and Neighbors’ Night Out. The city helps people host potlucks and meetups for neighbors all over the city, closing off streets for people to gather and connect. I’m also hoping to do some home organizing. We moved everything out of our garage for the construction and if you just looked along the sides of the house you’d think we were hoarders.

Finally, tonight I can’t wait to watch the 10th and final episode of Bad Sisters. I’ve been listening to old Sharon Horgan interviews this week because it has been so hard to wait!

Have a great weekend… 

The video footage of Nancy Pelosi trying to manage the response on January 6th is gripping. (A written description from Associated Press)

Risking Everything to Offer Abortions Across State Lines

Also, Millions of Americans are losing access to maternal care.

She’s a bit much.

I love the Stan Bitter tiles in this Heath making-the-room feature.

Gorgeous garden inspiration.

I’m always looking for meal-planning tips.

A dreamy fall salad.

Insta-pot Coffee Concentrate? Intriguing.

The many suits of Julia Roberts.

If you’re someone who likes the loafer trend and especially the Gucci horsebit style, these Sam Edelmans are really nice and come in tan and black. (spotted on Erstwhile Dear)

I’m going to go hear Glennon Doyle at UC Davis on Sunday, but I’ve never actually read or listened to any of her work. However, I’ve heard great things about her organization Together Rising and its efforts to work directly with partners on the ground.

Do you look forward to the Hallmark Holiday Movie lineup?

I’ve been following along with Vanessa Boz‘s visit to India on Instagram and I’m reminded what an inspiration her travels are.

Love this robe. Could be worn as a cover-up, too, don’t you think?

Naomi Watts Introduces Menopausal Beauty Brand, Stripes

This dog makes me smile.


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