Shades of the season (and friday links)



spring collage-001


A few more shades of spring…



spring collage


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.52.12 PM

spring collage-002

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.57.54 PM

I find I’ve been pinning a lot of greens and blues these days.

And just a few other things that have caught me eye…

I imagine you were one of the 65 million people who watched the viral “First Kiss” WREN video? Then you’ll probably love this Jimmy Fallon spoof… with puppies!

Also, if you watch Scandal, this Lena Dunham SNL parody is hilarious. And spot on!

The California Dreaming spread in Kinfolk is, well, dreamy.

Hey, Good question!

How soon can I pick up some brioche? Looks amazing. 

Did you like Superman reciting Lord Tennyson? A reader shared this 2-1/2 year old learning Shakespeare. It’s adorable! (Thank you, Clio!)

And, remember when we talked about Kid Mode for your iPhone? The NY Times just shared a host of other tips.

Next week is Spring Break. Hudson is out of school all week, though if you ask him he’ll maybe t to work, like daddy. Daddy works at the hospital and “helps people.” But if you ask what daddy helps people do, the answer will always be different. My favorite? “Helps wipe people’s bottoms.” I guess I’ll be working a lot next week!

(And trying to catch more smiles from this little lady.)


[Images from top: Narcissi // Shaved Asparagus salad // Madewell camo shortsDino Wallpaper // Deer in the Grass on Fire Island // Cakes in the Garden // Mojito Jello shots // Shower tiles / Siblings // Baby in Vineyard // Hanging planters // Wreath / Madewell Tunic //Florals with Kumquats // Pesto, pea & mint pasta]

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