First day of Spring


Hooray for the first day of spring! I couldn’t resist pulling out a few more photos from that week (Skyler’s second week with us) when we spent multiple afternoons in Almond orchards (lest we miss out on the blooms)—I hope you’ll indulge me, but those trees were all just too pretty!

I thought the afternoon was a nice reminder to get out to some parks without playgrounds every now and then. It was refreshing to see Hudson combing through the grass in search of bugs (rather than through wood chips), and I loved hearing his imagination at work when he found himself knee-deep in grass that resembled a nest. It was a pleasure to hear insects (rather than other little can-be pests… if you know what I mean) and birds while watching him run through trees with the same enthusiasm generally observed on hard-rubber mats and sidewalks.



Spring always seems so short-lived, but its joys are plenty—most of which include the beginnings of things. For example, yesterday was the first day of the evening Farmer’s market picnics, here in Davis. And I’m looking forward to making our way over to the University stables soon to see if there are any babies around.  (Oh, and it means that summer is around the corner—which is actually my favorite season of all.)

What are your favorite hallmarks of spring?

P.S. California Almond trees at peak bloom, and incredible spring blossoms in New York’s Central Park.

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