The Last Weekend (& Friday Links)

It’s the last weekend before the midterm elections! And it’s time to make sure everyone is getting out to vote! If you’re interested in volunteering or doing any canvassing, Swing Left has a host of videos for effective conversations and The Last Weekend can point you to a place where help is needed locally.

I feel like I’m having some post-traumatic nerves after the last election, but I’m really hoping we will be moving forward with some good news after Tuesday.

Some links of note…

Today is All Souls Day. Here is a list of some Dia de los Muertos traditions. And some photos of celebrations in Mexico City.

We used to more or less agree on climate change. What happened?  (a video retrospective)

Also, the 700-page UN scientist panel’s report detailing the latest research on climate change warns that unless we make “massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels” to limit the world’s warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, there will be widespread coastal flooding, food shortages, wildfires, and other issues related to climate change. If you are 60 or under, these changes will occur in your lifetime. If you haven’t yet, read one of the many reputable news sources write up on the publication. (Vote!)

“It is the work of this generation to make clear we reject the status quo—a race toward the destruction of our planet and the wild places we play in and love. We cannot sit idly by while large special interests destroy the planet for profit without regard for our children and grandchildren.”
(Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO)

A really sweet post about a beloved family pet (and telling children theirs has died).

Books about Motherhood by women of color.

Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving issue is making me hungry!

Time for Pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting.

Are we teaching kids to read the wrong way? (We’ve watched phonics instruction happening as Hudson learns Spanish, and it’s awesome!)

Lin-Manuel Miranda on movie musicals.

Get to Work Book

Cool take on a plaid coat.

“The fall of the patriarchy is my favorite season.” (And so many other great signs for this season of change at Vote Your Change.)

Have you listened to The Waves?

Violence in our name.

What else could be? (Vote!)

Teens are stressed about school shootings. (Vote!)

Which state races are generally considered to be most crucial in the miderms next week?

My friend shared these pie charts about representation. (Vote!)

Love this link list and this plea.

Finally, while I usually would go with another simple, hopefully non-alienating “Vote!” at this point… this is really how I feel. “A Republican campaign built entirely on lies should itself be a political issue.”

Swing Left! It’s the Last Weekend!

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