Last Days of Winter (& Friday Links)

Only a few more days until it’s officially spring! And just in time for these last days of winter, the Sierras are finally getting some much-needed snow. We’re going to head up to the cabin with friends this weekend and do our best to soak it in.

We’re really hoping that Skyler will join in with the ski school this time. We had one go at it a few months ago and discovered that she would strongly prefer a female instructor—preferably one with a “fairy braid.” We’ve considered bringing a fake Elsa-from-Frozen-style white braid and just asking the instructor to clip it on, but that might be going a bit too far. (Is it?) I think we’ll just cross our fingers that she gets a “gurl.”

What are your plans for the weekend? Before we decided to go skiing, we’d gotten tickets to a Danú and Goitse concert of Irish music at the Mondavi Center—one of the first times we’d really planned a St. Patrick’s celebration since living in New York and attending the parades.

Those parade days were always so beautiful! I loved the bagpipes. Of course, I found that I wrote this on Hudson’s Nine Month photo post about one year’s St. Paddy’s celebration:

“We started the month on St. Patrick’s Day, a ridiculous scene wherein we made the mistake of trying to see the parade from Central Park and ended up fleeing the rowdy scene while trying to keep Hudson asleep in the stroller. That meant frantic side-of-the-street changes (as another group of chanting drunk students would approach) until we ended up walking down First Avenue past the UN with Aron pulling the stroller backwards to keep the high sun off Hudson’s face. I took a picture of the struggle for when I’m tempted to recount glory days and only remember what was awesome about having a baby in the city. I can pull it out and say ‘Are you sure?’” Ha!

Will you be doing anything for the holiday? 

If you’re still looking for some last-minute inspiration, here are 10 ideas for an at-home St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

And, just for fun, our Ireland travelogue.

California Closets has an online magazine—and it’s pretty aspirational.

Amber Interiors gets to work with my favorite lady (my favorite couple!), Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd. (And they get to work with Amber Interiors!)

I got lost in a deep dive of these Tiny House You Tube videos. Some inspiring stuff. (Also, remember this Tiny House?)

Related: Organizing tips to take from tiny houses.

In defense of picky eating. 

Now that’s a good looking Futon! (I think Aron needs something like this is his office, so he doesn’t end up on the floor if he gets called in during the night.)

Is your kids’ elementary school banning homework?

On a similar note, Will you “Wait until 8th“?

30 powerful signs from the school walkouts in support of stricter gun laws.

Activists placed 7,000 shoes in front of the Capitol. See why. Such a sad, powerful image.

Sephora shopping secrets. (Like when to buy travel sizes! Who knew?)

For a laugh: “Nation Marvels at Trump’s Ability to Turn ExxonMobil Multimillionaire Into Sympathetic Figure”

This Twitter thread is amazing. An inspiring cracked case. (via RMTL)

Vote. It’s what matters.

An alternative way to color your eggs with kids. (via Say Yes)

If you’re looking to fill an Easter basket with something other than candy, Bitte is having a sale this weekend: 15% with EASTERBASKET15.

Also, a wonderful Easter book to add. A classic for kids (and parents) about not letting go of your dreams.

Have a good weekend!

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