Headed south (& Friday links)


We’re flying south for a really quick getaway in Los Angeles. We’re staying on the cusp of Santa Monica and Venice which, while we lived in LA for five years ( a long time ago), isn’t as familiar a ‘hood to me. As much as I’d love to just visit all of our old haunts in West Hollywood and East LA, we may try to stick to the west side. Any tips?

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing photos from our brief stay in Seattle, next week on the site, as well as the finished laundry room (we’re not talking miracles, but it is so much better than before).

Until then, some things of note… 

How to send postcards without the stamps. (Something I wrote.)
Help make a smart lunchbox a reality (because I want one, too).
Stop saying “very.”
Would you? A new breakfast for summer: Peaches baked with white wine, cilantro, sea salt, and red pepper.
Rare moments of quiet in New York City.
Beautiful portraits of Brooklyn schoolchildren. (And you know I love kids posed in front of a chalk wall.)
Read carefully: Nineteen fascinating maps.
How to dress any salad green (I feel like I should print this out and keep it beside the fridge.)
Smart tips on hiring babysitters (including planning date days rather than date nights—love those!).
Homemade nature flashcards.
Sweet Paul. (Read the quote in the description.)

And previous posts about Los Angeles: Getting nostalgic about our first apartment (and my car); Shopping on Third St. and on Beverly; and Eating one of the Los Angeles’s best pizzas (in the car, of course).

[Photo from Car Mar Denim spring 2012 collection lookbook, by Daniel Kincaid]

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