"Storm Watch 2010"

Having not been hit by the predicted storm last weekend (and thus not struggling with serious accumulation the way some folks in DC and elsewhere are), we were pretty excited to hear that about a foot of snow was expected to fall in the city yesterday. But what surprised us was how excited many seasoned  New Yorkers seemed to be as well. Based on the news coverage, one might assume it never snows here! There was an unrelenting “Storm Watch” on every news station as employees of the Department of Sanitation and the MTA were interviewed as to the status of the streets and subways. News vans were filming sledders and cross-country skiers at the parks and discussing sore muscles with the man on the street who was shoveling snow.
The walk to work–through Stuyvesant and Grammercy Parks–was especially beautiful, and I was glad that I had brought my little camera with me. My office was open in the morning (and empty), but was closed by 12:30 to help people get home. 
We had dinner plans with friends in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and wondered briefly–with all the panicking on the TV–whether it would be best to reschedule, but the subways actually make getting around very simple. And the walk from the subway to the restaurant was so much fun: the snow was even deeper in Brooklyn. (Even better was the walk home, by which time we were walking in the falling snow along white roads that were silent and empty–so rare.) The restaurant, No. 7–a new stop for us–was lovely; everything was delicious. It was so nice to be in a votive-filled room, with friends on a snowy night.

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