The Other Boathouse

There are actually two boathouses in Central Park: there’s the one where you rent your rowboat and have a nice lunch, and there’s this one–where you rent a miniature sailboat or, if you’re an enthusiast in the Central Park Model Yacht Club, store your very own.

There’s something very romantic about the idea of sailing a boat on the pond in central park–and a lot of people try, but based on the general drift of almost all of the little vessels out there, Aron wagered that few succeed. Of course, it still makes for a lovely scene. (And the Kerbs boathouse was apparently sponsored by residents at 74th and Fifth Avenue who loved to look down on and enjoy said lovely scene!)

But this weekend was the first time we discovered what was being moored inside the boathouse. We followed an older gentlemen lugging a large boat inside and found the Yacht Club’s stash.

There are races every Saturday morning. The Yacht club was founded in 1916, but races have been held since 1875! Anyone can rent a boat for $11 (not one of these fancy ones) and get a lesson in tacking from the staff, or–of course–you can always bring your own.

P.S. This is what the basin looks like after a winter snowstorm! (And during a freak October one.)

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