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[Salsa dancing at our wedding, May 2007]

When we got married, we decided to forgo the wedding album in favor of devoting all of our photo budget to the photographer. Kasey Lennon used all film and sent us something like 400 prints as well as scanned every negative so that we could have digital copies. The plan was to then print a few favorites at larger sizes and make our own album right away. That was the plan.

Here it is, five years later: still no wedding album. I get the impression that this is pretty common.

There are two main reasons for the hold-up. First, I love Kasey’s prints. The negatives don’t reflect her processing, with burned edges and a slight sepia for the black-and-whites. The balance in the color images even looks better. So I want to have some of the actual prints professionally scanned. Second, I either would still need to select photos for printing, choose sizes, compose and make an album, or I’d need to find a photo-book maker whose digital prints/photo book worked equally well. I wanted to find the latter, but had struggled.

Then, a few weeks ago at a brunch, while admiring once again the beautiful Mohawk papers that Pinhole Press uses (we really do love their products and routinely buy them to give as gifts), I decided that I would finally make that album for our fifth wedding anniversary!

It was the 12th. I’m a little late.

But I’m still committed to finally finishing this! They have a new Wedding Collection and a new Panoramic Photo Book design that will be perfect! (It lays flat and the organization of the album can be manipulated by choosing unique layouts for every page.) I wish I had images of a finished product to show you.

One day.  Soon!

Pinhole Press
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