This is the scene at the preschool around the corner, at St. George’s in Stuyvesant Park. (The church is celebrating 200 years, by the way!) Mini-scooters have taken over the city; even Hudson has scooter-envy, judging by how often he crawls over to one to admire the bright colors and maybe sneak a taste of a wheel. (Ew.)

We’ve been spending more time at playgrounds now that Hudson can do his own form of scooting and now that he enjoys swinging so much. I’ve been trying to pick up etiquette tips. When we were at Washington Square Park for a playdate, I witnessed one of my favorite examples so far of what’s probably best not to do: my friend Joanna’s son Toby got whapped in the head on the baby slide by one mom’s large purse. She came down seconds after him in purse and high heels, toddler in one arm, phone to her ear in the other. What a scene! Luckily Toby seemed completely oblivious and we just got a good laugh. (Here’s a cute picture from that afternoon.) But other protocols are less clear. For example, if Hudson crawls over to another baby and reaches for her socks (as he is apt to do), am I to hover and pull him back? Or can I let them sort it out and see if the other mom/caretaker wants to pull her babe out of reach? (I get mixed messages on this one, when I let him roam.) And how long can you stay on the swings when someone starts a line? Hmmm…

Today, however, we’re staying inside. I had a fever that spiked at 102 yesterday and I’m recovering my strength! Hopefully I’ll feel better in time to appreciate the weekend and toast to St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a good one!

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