Melted Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is a new chocolate chip cookie in town. City Bakery’s melted chocolate chip cookie is amazing. It’s $4, so Aron and I usually split it (because two cookies for $8 is really, really insane). There’s a city bakery outpost called Birdbath just around the corner on First Avenue (where the ovens are for the whole City Bakery baked goods operation, so it’s good to pass by in the morning and maybe find a hot pretzel croissant waiting for you) and now they have the cookie written up on their chalkboard for me to pass at least twice a day. So I broke down yesterday and got myself one to have all to myself, justifying it by the fact that it’s practically like a slice of flourless chocolate cake which wouldn’t be AS crazy for $4.

I asked how it’s done and apparently, after the base dough (which must be slightly different than the usual base) is made, they mix in melted chocolate chips. Then, once the cookies are shaped, more chocolate chips are added. It’s pretty intense. And rich (which is good because you won’t be once you’ve had a few). A freshly made one now hovers near the top of my imaginary best-desserts-in-the-city list.

P.S. The Birdbath on Prince is an especially pretty spot to pick one up, in the old Vesuvio bakery

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