Someone should do this. (Er, maybe.)

First off, thank you to everyone for your nice comments about our move! It felt wonderful to be so understood and also so encouraged!

And, in a related tangent, I have a Sartorial blog project for someone in New York City to take up.

Sometime last summer, a friend and I left the office for lunch and started talking about what we’d miss if we moved out of the city. I was saying how I love that everyone looks so great and puts a little effort into even a (seemingly simple) t-shirt and jeans. It may sound silly but I love that sweatshirts are rare (even NYU students seem to ditch the NYU hoodies after freshman year, and they never seem to take pride in showing up for class in a combo of Adidas sandals and pajama pants). And even if I may never be worthy of Bill Cunnigham’s lens, I love being inspired by all of the trend-setters and trend-followers walking past me at any given moment. In fact, I love the line in the documentary about the famous street-style fashion photographer that fashion is a manifestation of culture.

My friend Bonnie distilled the appeal of New York’s fashion culture in such a fascinating way: you never know how old anyone is from behind here.

It’s so true! I’d never really thought about it that way. As we chatted, I started imagining a Tumblr blog celebrating how fabulous New York women are with side-by-side photos of them from the front and back and a “you’d never guess her age” angle. Unfortunately, I can’t think of how it should be done such that it doesn’t come off like an objectionable TLC show. But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t do it properly, right?

As we settled the bill, a women in a crisp white shirt, fitted dark jeans, and bright red Toms–hair in a loose French knot–walked by. We guessed 36. We’ll never know for sure, but when she turned at the corner… maybe more like 72? I really do find myself in awe, saying “I’m going to be like her” so often!

I can’t say this, of course, without thinking of that hilarious moment in the “Cleveland” episode of 30 Rock

…which of course lead to this…

[Top photos: Bill Cunningham for The New York Times, via Co-Operation; video clips NBC]

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