Ashley and I have become fanatical walkers since moving to New York— I call our walks “urban hikes.” For a while, when Ashley’s office was engaged in a pedometer contest, we were tracking ourselves; we would routinely walk 10-15 miles a day on the weekends! Of course, that was in the summer, when taking walks was a lot easier. Now that bitter winds are routinely whipping through the city in the evenings, our walks have become much less ambitious.

But last night we decided to walk to Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge. Whenever we make this particular trek, we’re generally headed to one specific destination: tucked under the Williamsburg Bridge, in Williamsburg, are two of our favorite restaurants in New York. Diner and Marlow & Sons sit next door to each other, and are each jointly owned by the same two friends; I see the two restaurants almost like fraternal twins. One is slightly more serious, the other slightly more casual, but both have great ambience, awesome drinks, and some of the most perfect, seasonal, new American cooking I’ve ever had.

We often go there with the intention to get one drink apiece and to split some appetizers, but inevitably the appeal of the verbally relayed, daily changing menu gets the better of us and we expand the meal… and get a few more drinks. This night we ended up at Marlow & Sons and it was no exception. But what made it special was that tonight, after eating at the twins on-and-off for over a year, our waiter put down our dessert (the most amazing salted caramel and chocolate torte) and she said, “this one is on the house—we like you two.”

We had made it! We had achieved that oh-so-difficult to achieve status. We were regulars! Now… when can we go back again?

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