Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For the (Traveling) Kiddo


We’ve already seen lists of the Best Books, Best Toys, and Best Creative Gifts for preschoolers, so this one will be thematic: Gifts for the kids—and the parents of kids—who like to travel a lot…

  1. Books are always the right thing. Any of these would be worthy choices: Maps (the most beautiful book of illustrated maps), Walk This World (peek under flaps on a stroll around the globe), one of the Larry Gets Lost titles (we love our San Francisco edition) or a classic This is… city book (This is the World is a compendium). For a board book, consider How Hippo says Hello.
  2. Lightweight, easily packable, and ideal for independent play. In other words, perfect for little travelers: Classic Paddle Ball Game
  3. Who wouldn’t love a Skootcase
    ? For mini Gregory Pecks and Audrey Hepburns the world over. Freaking adorable. (Do they already have a suitcase of their own? These would make great stocking stuffers.)
  4. We keep a small globe in Hudson’s room. He likes to see how far away a place is before we go. This one’s also pretty enough for the parents of a new baby: “Best wishes on all your adventures as a family!”
  5. A vehicle and a power drill: Take-A-Part Airplane
  6. A charming and cheerful floor puzzle, fit for a globetrotter.
  7. These Planes slippers are sure to offend your aesthetic sensibility but kids love sliding around wearing their favorite characters. If you are looking for a less-familiar (i.e. branded) plane, try these.
  8. Little Passports subscription. (Be sure to check the shipping schedule if you want one to arrive before Hanukkah or Christmas.)
  9. This one’s more for the parents: OK to wake clock
    . Invaluable at home and in a new time-zone. Sure they’re awake but no one gets out of bed until the green light comes on. Throw in a Water Wow coloring book and everyone’s happy.
  10. I think I’ve snapped iPhone photos of this in stores at least three time. This VW Camper Van Tent
     is so cool!
  11. Whether they go by air, land, or sea, help them keep cuddly and comfy. This changes from a teddy bear to a neck pillow and back again. (Or we have one like this.)
  12. We love our Wanderlust City Playmat! Both Skyler and Hudson (who zooms around the roads) are fans.


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