Scribe Winery


Our friends took us along with them to the member’s pick-up party at Scribe this past weekend. Scribe is a relatively young winery, run by a relatively young winemaker (it was started in 2007 by now 29-year-old Andrew Mariani), that sits on a beautiful, history-filled, 19th-century vineyard in Sonoma–hundred-year-old hacienda and all.

We felt immediately intoxicated by the views, the oysters, the pretty people, and the winery’s first Rosé.

Of course we became wine-club members ourselves by the end of the day, and of course the packaging and labeling is gorgeous, too.
P.S. More scenes from the weekend coming up shortly. And does that name Mariani sound familiar?

Update: More visits to Scribe, for Mother’s Day 2013 and 2014

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