Gift idea: photo games for kids

For Hudson’s first Christmas, we made him a beautiful family album (that he still loves looking at), but we also printed out some 4x6s and put them in a flip book for his stroller. Last month, he started taking those printed photos out and and flipping them upside down; he’d try and remember which photo was where and then put them back in, in order.

So when I saw that Pinhole Press now offers a personalized Memory Game for kids, I knew Hudson would love it! My initial plan was to wait for Christmas, but I was too excited when it arrived. We used family photos but also included lots of his best friends. All the images look so pretty on the extra-thick card stock!


It’s funny the way you never know how a toddler will use something. I of course assumed he’d go right back to his memory game, but he thinks these are for making trains. So sweet, really: everyone he loves is on a train and he pushes it along the carpet saying “all aboard, choo-choo.”

And after a little “huffa-puffa,” there’s a big production about stacking the cards back in the box. Usually accompanied, at some point, by the phrase “I do it self.”

Available at Pinhole Press. (They have a whole host of other photo games for kids.) And good news: Pinhole is offering Hither & Thither readers 33% off their holiday cards with code: hither through December 2nd (Cyber Monday). There’s also free economy shipping on orders over $75.

P.S. The Pinhole calendar I made for Aron and brag books I made for the past two Mother’s days.

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Pinhole Press has been a longtime supporter of Hither & Thither and I’ve been so happy with everything we’ve ordered from them. They’re a great source for holiday gifts!

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