The City and the Storm

New York Magazine‘s cover shot, showing Manhattan’s divided power supply after the storm, is just incredible–in all sorts of ways. The coverage of the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has been, in equal parts, hard to look at and hard to turn away from. And as gripping and as telling as this image is, it’s the closeups on the disenfranchised or the elderly, on the loss in hard-hit places like Staten Island and parts of New Jersey and Long Island that really put a lump in one’s throat.

I’m going to go back to regular posting tomorrow or the following day, but I wanted to repost ABC’s link roundup on how to help as well as highlight a couple of blog-posts by friends which include useful links on local efforts to help: on Abbey Goes Design Scouting and on Sweet Fine Day.

[Photo by Iwan Baan for New York Magazine; here’s how he captured the shot.]

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