Top Thanksgiving Cooking resources

Best Thanksgiving Cooking Guides

They’re already playing Christmas music on the radio, but we’re still considering dishes for Thanksgiving dinner over here. Here are a few favorite cooking resources, in case you’re doing the same!

On Troubleshooting:
I listened to much of the America’s Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Special on NPR the other day, “Turkey Q & A and The Real Story of The First Thanksgiving,” and loved hearing them answer the top ten Thanksgiving day questions they get.

On Basics:
New York Times Essential Thanksgiving (Their paired-down take on the wisdom gleaned from years of reporting on the subject.)

On a new favorite method for cooking the turkey:
Jacques Pepin’s Steamed Turkey

On Menu inspiration
Many families have their sides set in stone, but if you have some flexibility and are looking for inspiration, Gourmet came up with some sample menus (back in the day) that would no doubt please; and Saveur has created a fun menu-generator this year, or you could just look at their 12 sample menus.

On Timeline suggestions:
When to do what, if you’re trying to get ahead, from one of my most trusted resources.

On Wines to pair:
Food & Wine‘s top bottles, all under $20.
And more general advice from Silverlake Wine.

On Table decor:
Pinterest! Search “Thanksgiving Table” (or, I’ve been making a dedicated Thanksgiving board)

On What’s Trending:
Aron told me about this NPR podpast where they discussed how, last year, the trend in cooking magazines and among chefs was to stray far from tradition—whereas this year is all about the classics.

Anything you’d add?

P.S. Holiday wreaths (place one on the table now and on the door later?) and an alternative to pumpkin pie.

[Lovely image via The Effortless Chic]

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