Pumpkin Delight

Last night, some girlfriends came over for an evening of comfort food, White Russians, and The Big Lebowski. Aron teased me when I told him the plan: “are you revisiting your college days?” as he has an inkling of how many times this was watched by me in Davis apartments the city over. I feel like there was a time when I would head over to a friend’s place in Arlington and–if soccer wasn’t on–it was a pretty safe bet that either Lebowski or Dazed and Confused would be playing. Revisiting college? That’s just…like…your opinion, man.

Teryn made taco salad with Doritos, Emily brought the Kahlua, Marina brought the Vodka, and I contributed my mother’s recipe, “Pumpkin Delight.” Now if the name alone doesn’t make you love it, the calorific combination of tons of butter, pecans, an entire box of yellow cake, and a large pumpkin pie (so to speak) in a single baking dish certainly will! With Aron swooping in to eat no less than four helpings when he arrived, we finished all but 2 squares (which made for delicious dessert tonight).

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