Meltin Melnick

We’ve been playing rounds of Cranium and Balderdash, guessing best-picture winners, and eating lots of our favorite food with my parents these past few days. I expect we’ll be bunking down tonight–while freezing rain falls–for more.

Unfortunately, I still have to work during the week; otherwise I might have to take them for a Meltin’ Melnick at Peels. Aron and I checked out the new Bowery-situated spot recently, drawn in at first by the smell of cinnamon wafting toward the John Derian store when we were Christmas shopping. On our second visit, we tried the insane combo of french toast, cheddar cheese, and bacon that I’m sure my mother (and others with a sweet tooth) would enjoy. 
You can see a full review of breakfast at Peels on Serious Eats; my second column ran yesterday!
Hope those of you who had the day off enjoyed the long weekend. 

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