21 Wallpapers for Kids’ rooms

wallpaper for kids


Though wallpaper can be a daunting commitment, I love the way it can dramatically transform a child’s room. And ever since leaving behind Hudson’s mini-crib space (though we took some of the paper along with us), I’ve been wanting to paper an accent wall again.

Top:  Whitby in Lido; 2nd image, clockwise: Habitat / Dogs / Collette / Great Meadow Mural


Clockwise: Coronata Star / Animal Farm (as pictured in Hudson’s nursery in a closet) / Snow Scene ‘Hand Made’ Animals


Clockwise: Cloud / Jungle Love / Beware the Moon (Animals) / Amalfi in Dark Blue


Clockwise: Peter Pan / Dragon Sky / Raphael (as pictured here) / Morning in Manhattan

Hither & Thither

Clockwise: Into the Wild / Sights (as pictured here) / Amelie / Ohoy

Most of these sources have other great papers, too. And most of the prints pictured are available in a various color shades—a few are even moveable! Which would you choose?

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