Lamingtons (and Sunday morning rituals)

Lamingtons are little square of dessert heaven, sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and covered with dried coconut, that originated in Australia—and while they’re not part of my Sunday mornings anymore, there was a time when they frequently were.

Recently, my mind has been turning back to the ritual of brunch (something I miss from New York), and that reminded me of the delicious lamingtons that used to tempt me when we walked into Public, a beautiful restaurant in the NoLIta neighborhood of Manhattan.

There are tons of little touches that made Public stand out as a favorite brunch spot (or, for that matter, for a dark and romantic date spot). Avroko’s design for the space is stunning. But what always got me was the little table of baked goods that welcomes you to the dining room.

Isn’t it sort of the fantasy for a Sunday morning at home? You step into your light-filled kitchen and are greeted by jars of jams and marmalade, fresh-baked scones and strawberry-and-cream Lamingtons, and crisp copies of the Sunday Times

I’m thinking that I may have to try my hand at making some here. I’ve looked over a few recipes, and I think David Lebovitz’s looks like the one to try (link below). Aussies… weigh in!

I trust him (he did, after all, spend thirteen years in the kitchens at Chez Panisse); he chooses to fill his as well as ice his with chocolate—which I believe is the preferred route for many Queenlanders. However, I did love the contrast of the jam and cream at Public and think I’ll try that myself.

Recipe: Lamingtons (via David Lebovitz)

Do you have any favorite weekend morning rituals?

Whatever they may be, I hope you enjoy them–have a lovely weekend.

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