Turning three?


It’s been two years since Aron and I first posted on Hither and Thither. In some ways, I can’t believe it’s only been that–so much has happened. On the other hand… Two Years!? Really? It’s funny to look back and see some of our first posts: I love that Aron’s first entry doesn’t even have a photo. And while we still tend toward being verbose, it cracks me up to find the times when we would try to describe an entire weekend. What were we thinking? Many of our favorite entries are, of course, the longest–our travelogues. I’m so glad to have these records. I think it has taken us both by surprise just how much we enjoy writing–and taking photographs for–the site. And as we’ve said before, it’s the community of people we’ve met here that has been the best part. The friends we have made, the comments we read, really have kept us going. Thank you! 

Here are some of Aron’s and my favorite posts of 2010 that you may have missed:

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