Manhattenhenge (& Friday Links)

There’s a non-official holiday occurring twice a year when the sun sets in perfect alignment with the Manhattan street grid dubbed “Manhattanhenge” (first described in 2002 by “sexiest astrophysicist alive,” Neil deGrasse Tyson). Buildings along the East-West streets glow and crowds gather in the final moments of daylight—darting back and forth between light cycles, dodging traffic, and eventually gaining critical mass such as to keep traffic at bay.

The full-sun event, where the bottom of the sun meets the city grid would have happened yesterday. Today, if the clouds cooperate, New Yorkers can catch the half-sun event, where the middle of the sun meets the street.

Even though we live on the other side of the country, I still read about in the Times and think back to that sticky summer when I Aron and I stopped to take pictures just a few days before Hudson was born. He will be seven next week, and I can hardly believe the math.

This weekend we head up to the cabin, and then next week we celebrate!

Any fun plans on your end? Will you be watching The World Cup? Here are some links of note if you’re in the mood…

Speaking of Lake Tahoe, its clear waters are in good company!

“Hurston attempted to publish [the last survivor of the Atlantic slave trade’s] story as a book, but her extensive use of Lewis’ “unique vernacular” kept publishers away. It was published last month. Amazing.

This is an old article, but Aron was just reading it to me and it’s fascinating! Quicksand was everywhere when I was a kid! The rise and fall of quicksand.

Congratulations to Will on his new furniture line!

My friend (and 9500+ reviewers) swears that this Vitamin C Serum is just as good as the much-beloved Drunk Elephant serum, for a fraction of the price.

Tips to achieve JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) this summer.

So many rave reviews for this performance on Netflix.

Tracking tagged sharks. Safe surfing…

What do you think of cruises? Have you ever been on one?

I’d like to test this app on our next road trip.

The history of policy-makers listening to baby-formula makers. (My question: Can we agree on both #fedisbest and #breastisbest?)

I get choked up just watching the trailer. On Eighth Grade.

Aron is our resident podcast expert, and recommends the Supreme Court segment from Ezra Klein this week.

So many of you asked about my white dress from Italy (thanks!), which I’m afraid is sold out. This one looks really close (although the price is much higher). This one has a similar cut, and I love the details.

Also, a lovely, simple, linen dress.

Finally, one more shopping note: if you have early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, these button-up Madewell jeans get high praise and will be on sale!

[Photos are Aron and mine from 2011. You can see more #Manhattanhenge on Instagram]

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