Back-to-School (& Friday Links)

Summer’s long days are fading too fast for me. Though I’m happy to get my mornings back, with the kids in school, summer is my favorite season by a mile.

We’ve had a lot going on around here the past few weeks, thus the long absence. I think it will still be a little longer before I get back into the swing of things. After our vacation, we came home to be with my mom for a major surgery. I’m happy to report that it went well—with no complications, but she will be recovering for a while yet.

We had a great time on Oahu, and the kids seemed to become even better friends. They’ve been enjoying the last days together before school started this week. Hudson is in first grade (I can’t believe it!) and Skyler is in her second to last year at nursery school (see below). Their cousins are visiting from Germany this month, so whenever possible they’ve also been seeing them. It’s safe to say they are both smitten with the two older boys.

We are going on an annual tubing run with friends this weekend (it morphed from white water rafting), spending time with family, and winding down from an exciting first week at school. Oh, and watching Game of Thrones, of course. I’ve been posting on Instagram, if you would like to follow along there. How about you?

Finally, thank you for sticking around while posting has been more irregular. Some links, in the meantime…

The changing landscape of blogging, through the Design*Sponge lens.

Loved this before-and-after. The A-Frame was featured in this month’s Sunset Magazine, too.

Yikes! An updated travel warning to Mexico. How much attention do you pay when making plans?

PB&J Sandwich cake! 

A beautiful new update to Deborah Madison’s vegetable expertise.

This tree tent looks amazing.

This domino machine—even the pre-mechanized step is pretty cool.

Staying woke can lie in “crosshairs of allyship and appropriation.”

So, how to be an ally.

Profiting on fear and outrage.

Too bad she couldn’t call him a creep.

The paradox of tolerance.

Finally, some Game of Thrones spoiler warnings for the next two links. Don’t click if you’re not caught up…

Well-told. “War cinematography is like language. Most of the words have been used before. That doesn’t mean that something new can’t be written.”

Behind the scenes. So much work!

I can’t believe the finale is already this Sunday! Can’t wait.

[Top Photo: Olive Oil Cake recipe; Bottom: Skyler’s first day of school (last year’s photos)]


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