Guest Post: Nathan and Katie of hearblack

We’ve asked a few friends and fellow-bloggers to drop-in and share while we take some time to get to know this amazing little person, Hudson, whom we’ve just welcomed to the world. We’ll no doubt be dropping in here and on from time to time, but we’re so grateful for these wonderful guest posts and hope you enjoy them as well. 
Nate and his wife, Katie, write a beautiful blog called hearblack, where they share serene photographs captured, it often seems, in the most amazing, clean light. We always thought it had something to do with their living in Hawaii (lucky pair), but now that they’ve landed in Utah, it’s clear there’s more to it. Nate, with others, just launched Kinfolk magazine–so you may already be familiar with this lovely pair. They have shared childhood memories here, and I’d like to imagine that we will one day be the parents who support and treasure such creations…  
There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending a summer afternoon making daisy or clover chains, sitting in a field surrounded by flowers. I frequented the abandoned fields around a nearby school often collecting, making, and wearing flower chain necklaces and halos until they were limp and withered. I still find them dried and draped over dusty forgotten corners when I visit home.


I remember my parents were always supportive of my odd hobbies when I was a young kid. I collected burnt-out light bulbs for probably two years, and later became obsessed with dissembling appliances. They would save dead light bulbs for me –no doubt rolling their eyes – and would often come home with old telephones, blenders, and other pieces of junk for me to take them apart.


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