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It’s been a big week! First, Hudson started Kindergarten. He’s been excited about it, so it was no surprise to me to see him take it all in stride. He picked out a pair of red shoes (“with laces!”) and got a new backpack for the occasion. There were a few extra hugs when we were leaving, maybe a few tears (from me) after we left, and there was a big, bright smile when I picked him up. Beyond that, the word of the day when anyone asked him for details was a brief “good.” But today he came out excited to tell me how you say the letter “E” in Spanish (it’s an immersion school) and he said “Gracias” to me when I gave him his snack. Clues about his day are slowly slipping out.

First day of School 2016 2

The day after Hudson began, Skyler had her first day. She’d been to this nursery school before, but this is the first official day. I can hardly believe how big she looked as she picked out and put on her shoes (once Hudson’s) and her backpack (“yellow!”). She couldn’t wait to go, and squealed when she saw her favorite teachers.

First day of School 2016 3

First day of School 2016

Hudson’s day ends at 11:45, so it’s actually shorter than Skyler’s, and I enjoyed getting the one-on-one time with him today. But man, between the emotions, the schedule, the prep—going back to school is exhausting! I’m ready for a nap.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Just for fun, here are some first-days-of-school throughout the decades, and the best toys for preschoolers.

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