Chewy, Crunchy, and Tender

While in Germany, Aron and I were reminded what pretzels are really supposed to taste like. Even the one we had at the airport was delicious!It’s very rare to find a good, German-style soft pretzel here. The Amish pretzels at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly are a favorite in the soft-pretzel genre, but they’re completely different. The ones at malls, like Auntie Anne’s, tend to be more like dessert. And the ones they sell on the streets of New York are in fact inedible–really more like cardboard masquerading as snack food.

There’s another option in Alphabet City that comes a tad closer: Sigmund Pretzel Shop on Avenue B. We tried a sesame seed pretzel, although we decided that we should have gone for the classic salted variety for a closer comparison. It’s a super-cute shop, with school-desk touches and servers in red bandanas; there’s sort a romantic simplicity about a pretzel and the space pairs well. A dark, German wheat beer and a zesty mustard would pair even better but it’s a step in the right direction.

Does anybody know a good recipe for a German-style pretzel?

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