IKEA Hacks: 10 Gorgeous Decor Pieces

By Hunker

10 IKEA Hacks

I’ve been poring over Pinterest lately for double-desk inspiration and keep getting distracted by all of the great Ikea Hacks! You know them—those accent pieces that make you do a double take. They look like they came straight out of a design magazine, but are actually in reach!  

We rounded up 10 gorgeous decor pieces that are in fact very simple Ikea Hacks.

1. A Cushion Headboard

This DIY from A Pair and a Spare was inspired by a stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

By Always Rooney

2. Iron & Wood Blanket Ladder

This simple DIY decor piece serves a useful purpose, creating more space to store blankets and keeping them out of the way while adding texture to the room. Full tutorial on Always Rooney. (You could use it to display towels or magazines, too.)

Savvy Mom 2 Mom

3. Large, Rustic Mirror

Large, stand-up mirrors make for excellent decor pieces, especially because they can help make a space appear bigger and brighter. They are also infamously known for being expensive. Savvy Mom 2 Mom’s tutorial pulls this off for less.

By Hunker

4. Cute, Boho Side Table

Cane is having a moment right now! Style with a plant and some books. Check out Hunker for the full tutorial.

By Hunker

5. This Bleached Wood Console Table for an original take on the Ikea Arkelstorp

Another Hunker DIY, this one uses the Arkelstorp console table and, following these instructions, makes for a beautiful bleached tone of wood. Would look lovely in any living room or hallway. 

By Thou Swell

6. DIY Lantern Terrarium 

The kids and I were just talking about making a terrarium the other day. (This would look so much nicer than the ball jar we were considering.) I could see this in a kitchen or bathroom. Check out the full DIY here


By Better Homes

7. A Basket Coffee Table—for both indoors and out.

Check out Better Homes for the full tutorial. 

By Alice and Lois

8. Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

Good for a small-space accent. Choose the fabric to match your decor and you’ll have a functional piece that won’t break the bank. Find the full DIY on Alice and Lois’ blog.

By Alice and Lois

9. Alseda Coffee Table DIY

So simple! Once again, Alice and Lois’ blog has all the details.

10. Modern Plexiglass cubic side table

This was made using an Ikea Lack table and pieces of Acrylic! Amazing. Here are the instructions.

Planning on giving any of these a try? What are your favorite Ikea DIY hacks? I’d love to check them out in the comments below.

P.S. Check out 10 Built-In Ikea Hacks and 10 of the Coolest Mid-Century Ikea Hacks  for more inspiration. And here are so many more Ikea Hacks.

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