Counters? Running water? Check. Check.

Our new kitchen counters are in! 

We only had to wait a couple of weeks from the time the installers came to measure, but it wasn’t easy waiting. To be clear, it’s not purely impatience: we were able to put back the laminate counters while we waited but someone (cough, cough, Aron) threw away our faucet* when we took them off for the measuring, leaving us without running water in the kitchen for two weeks. The dishwasher makes all the difference in such a case!
Here’s a re-cap of what it looked like when we moved in…

A beautiful new range from Aron’s parents, a new dishwasher from mine, some knob exchanges, and a microwave on a shelf and it was looking much better. 

When we pulled off the laminate for the new granite, we decided to paint the walls “chocolate froth,” partly because of the name, mostly to warm up the black and white a bit.

And then we made multiple trips to Ikea and other hardware stores trying to find a faucet that was well-proportioned to our little kitchen.

The stone was installed last week and we love it! I went right about making a cake and I’ve never been so inspired to keep things clean as I go–partly because of the new counter, mostly because we didn’t hook up the plumbing until the next day. (I say “we” but I mean Aron–he did a fantastic job handling all of the plumbing!)

* I can’t be too self-satisfied, as I put our new drain in the recycle bin. We only have it because the building maintenance-man put it aside when he found it while collapsing boxes in the basement. Oops.

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